Wednesday, September 4, 2013

English Literature Period 1 September 4th, 2013

Today class started off the way it has for the past two weeks, Smith walks in saying loudly, "Hello everybody!" then we all answer with a dull, "Hello Smith." We turned in our essays today, the ones about faith defining us and received our song lyrics back. The homework for today is to finish the reading up that we started in class today chapters 28 through 36. Everyone also needs to add a Google docs slide to the power of fear slideshow.

In class today we discussed The Life of Pi and why Pi prefers different religions such as Christianity, Muslim, and Hinduism. He loves Christianity because of the love shown to each other and how it feels so mutual. Then we moved onto the Muslim faith and he loved to devotion to prayer and how they could pray anywhere they were at. Finally, he loved the culture of Hinduism. In practicing all three he seems to be trying to find completion in himself. Then we discussed faith ourselves and came to the conclusion that in school it is put to the side what we believe in but overall everybody does believe in something whether it be science or the devil. At the end of class everybody had work time to finish up their reading or work on the slideshow post.

I hope everyone has a great day!

-Justin Morrall

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