Friday, November 22, 2013

Period 4, Nov. 22nd, Scribe: Vania Arevalo

Today in class, we spent the whole period working on our Hamlet essays. If you do not get it finished in class today, then it is due when we return from Thanksgiving break on Monday, December  2nd. You will get the best grade if you follow this: outline for essay. You need to follow this outline, it is there to help you!

When we get back from Thanksgiving break, we will have finished our Hamlet unit and we will begin reading Oedipus Rex for the next two weeks. After that it is finals week!! For our final, we will be having a big fishbowl with the whole class on Life of Pi and Hamlet, and how they connect.

If you need any more help, Mrs. Smith always has all the information on her webpage in the daily agenda.

Hour One - November 22, 2013 Michael Vartuli

Today in class, we kept busy writing our essay over Hamlet. Keep in mind, this essay is due December 2nd so make sure to manage your time well this break so you aren't forced to do it the Sunday before its due!

William brought doughnuts for our class so next time you see him give him a big high-5!

Once we get back from break, be prepared to dive into Oedipus for two weeks or so!

Keep in mind that our final for this class will be December 17th so start thinking about how Hamlet connects to Life of Pi.

If you have any questions on the essay, feel free to look on Ms. Smith's webpage. The link for today's agenda is:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hamlet Act 5 Fishbowl Period 4


Hamlet Act 5 Fishbowl Period 1


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013 scribe period 1

We had donuts and a fishbowl today. The fishbowl was over acts 3 & 4. Here is a link to the blog.

Here is the link to the homework.

Hamlet Act 4 Fishbowl- Period 4


Hamlet Act 4 Fishbowl- Period 1


Monday, November 11, 2013

Period 1 - Monday, November 11, 2013 

Class today started with Ms. Smith's "good morning" greeting. We then looked at the agenda and took out our planners. Ms. Smith then began to discuss our plans for the rest of the semester, which are: 
  1. Monday, November 18 we will have our Act 5 fishbowl, which will be our last and final fishbowl for the semester. 
  2. December 2nd is the due date for our Hamlet essay. The outline is not required to turn in but is definitely suggested. The topics for the essay are on Ms. Smith's webpage, but are also listed below:
    • Who are we? Men of action or inaction?
    • Who are we? Men of compassion or revenge?
    • In order to survive we must have madness, genius, or both?
    • Role of Honor?
    • Connections between Pi and Hamlet?
    • Topic of your chose - (must dicuss with Ms. Smith)
  3. After all of this we will read Oedipus for about two weeks 
  4. For the final will be have a fishbowl or "aquarium" as Ms. Smith calls it analyzing and connect all three texts Life of Pi, Hamlet, and Oedipus.
The rest of the class period was spent taking the quiz over Act 3 and 4 of Hamlet.

English Literature Period 4

Class started with the usual "Hello class!" and "Hello Smith!" response.
Mrs.Smith then went over the daily agenda Linked here: )
Mrs.Smith went over our latest assignment, which is to write an essay discussing one of these many questions;

  1. Who are we? Men of action or inaction?
  2. Who are we? Men of compassion or men of revenge?
  3. Role of honor?
  4. In order to survive, must we have madness, genius or both?
  5. Connections between Pi and Hamlet?
  6. Free choice.Approved by Smith
  7. A question proposed by Lauren: Who are we? Solitary v.public? Family v. friends v. public?  
Mrs.Smith suggests using the outline she has provided for this essay 
.Essay is due the Monday after Thanksgiving break.

The rest of class was spent taking the Acts 3 and 4 quiz.

The Act 5 fishbowl has been moved up to this Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th Period 1

Today in class we began reading Act 4 of Hamlet, and made it up to Scene 5 ending at the interaction between Laertes and Claudius. If absent, you may want to catch up on that reading so that you will be caught up for Friday. 

For homework: Just another reminder that Life of Pi Essay redos are due On Friday. Make sure you have met with Mrs. Smith before submitting your final copy. Make sure you staple a copy of the original to the newly revised version when you turn this in. Also keep reviewing Acts 3 and 4 for Monday's quiz, it's going to cover a lot of information. 

Important questions to think about during the reading are:
  • Act 4: Purpose behind short scenes?
    • Scene 1-4
      • Does the queen keep her promise?
      • Hamlet’s treatment of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
      • Denmark’s feelings regarding Hamlet
      • Is Hamlet aware of the King’s plan? How has the King’s plan changed since Act 3?
      • Comparison of Hamlet and Fortinbras? Man of action v. inaction?
      • Role of Honor?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4 - Period 4

Happy Monday!

First off, Homework:
  • Continue reviewing Act 3. We will have a big quiz that will combine Act 3 and 4 next Monday, so continue reviewing and preparing for that.
  • If you wish to redo your Life of Pi essay, be sure to know that all redo's must be handed in this Friday, and you must meet with Smith before handing it in.
Today in class we had our Act 3 fishbowl. Some things that were discussed in the inner-circle include:
  • Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia and their relationship- we discussed that it appears Hamlet did have feelings for Ophelia beyond just lust because of our hurt he seemed by her betrayal. We also concluded that it was "teenage love" and probably would not have lasted.
  • Hamlet's inaction vs. action- Ultimately Hamlet is a man of inaction. We saw that when he did act it was rash and obviously the wrong thing, we therefore thought that Hamlet's inaction might actually be a better thing. We also predicted that the next time Hamlet takes action it will probably also be the wrong action/a rash action to take.
  • Gertrude and where her loyalties lie- We discussed how Gertrude is a follower, and therefore will lend her loyalties to wherever it best benefits her.
  • We discussed that although Hamlet is the hero of the story, he could be viewed as a bad guy too.
  • Prediction's about Ophelia- We voiced the fact that Ophelia is actually a great victim of this story and predicted that her character may become crazy, or diminish in its' importance.
  • Consequences Hamlet may have to face if he kills Claudius, and the fact that he seems not to be aware of possible repercussions.
  • We questioned if Hamlet knew that he was killing Polonius or not.
  • Polonius' character- He was a very meddling man, as well as a very proud one. He liked the notion of Hamlet being madly in love with his daughter because it made him look good.
  • The different ways Honor portrays itself in this story- honor through loyalty, trust, what was considered right etc.
Some topics discussed in the outer circle were:
  • The ability/inability of Hamlet to change from a man of inaction to one of action
  • If the Queen will tell Claudius of Hamlet's actions
  • Hamlet's reaction to Polonius' death
  • If Hamlet was using the play so that others may see parallels to the royal family
  • If acting without thought is better than not acting at all
  • Possible punishments that Hamlet will face for Polonius' death
  • The number of deaths that are to ensue
  • Is murder justifiable?
  • What may happen with Fortinbras
Michelle Sosnowski

Hamlet Act 3 Fishbowl Period 4


Hamlet Act 3 Fishbowl-Period 1


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, November 1- Period 4

Happy November 1st!

The homework that is due tomorrow is....
  • If you have a Life of Pi paper redo it is due on November 8th, but you will need to meet with Mrs. Smith before you turn in your paper! 
  • Review for the Act 3 Quiz (the quiz for Act 3 will be combined with Act 4 which will be at a later date).
  • Prepare for the Fishbowl tomorrow
On Friday, we went over the homework listed above and started reading Act 3 scene 3 and then we ended class with watching the movie scenes about The Mousetrap and about Polonius's death. 
  • We read up until line 59 and then we discussed the 3 things that Claudius gained through murdering King Hamlet, which are the crown, ambition and the queen. By gaining these things, the King believes that he cannot be forgiven for the murder of King Hamlet.
  • Then we read until line 75 where we talked about how Claudius struggled to pray and how it showed how guilty he was during prayer. Another thing to note is that Hamlet does not kill Claudius. 
  • We read until Claudius's last line where we talked about how unless Claudius does something nothing will be resolved.
  • Then on line 95, Hamlet tells his mom that he is upset that she married out of money and power.
  • On line 117, the Ghost visits Hamlet again to remind him to save Gertrude for Heaven.
  • We discussed line 177 and how Hamlet asks Gertrude to repent for her ways. 
Talk to Smith or see the weekly agenda if you have any questions!